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Despite our former first lady’s ill-advised comments YLL does not believe that most librarians enter the profession because they enjoy reading books.  Most librarians YLL knows (and YLL knows multitudes) do love books.  However, imagining these busy professionals filling their days with the leisurely perusal of the world’s finest literature is laughable.

So why do the most interesting people become librarians? While YLL would never (well, rarely) be so presumptuous as to speak for an entire profession YLL does have a theory…YLL is proud to consider herself a dilettante, and thinks that most librarians are also dilettantes, regardless of the fact that they may not take the same pride in this particular label.

YLL enjoys knowing a great deal about many things without having to become an expert in any one field.  Those wishing to describe this in more flattering terms might label YLL a generalist, but YLL will always choose a frothier, fun description.  YLL thinks there is far too much American puritan rejection of leaving a job unfinished in this country, resulting in far too many people that don’t know enough stuff.  Most folks feel guilty, or think they should, if they begin to learn a task or hobby but don’t put the hard work in to becoming skilled.

YLL thinks the world could only benefit from more people who know a little bit about home repair, cooking,  sewing, how to fix a bicycle, a little bit about reading music, some first aid, how to use a compass or navigate by the stars, how their computer work, etc., etc.  So dilettante away gentlemen and ladies.  You’ll never get bored, you’ll impress your firends and relatives and you’ll be handy to have around…just like a librarian.


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